About our brand

The establishment of Kaya Nova brand dates back to the beginning of 2000s. That was the period when the future brand founder started her acquaintance with peculiarities of wedding fashion, working at a large manufacture.

Natalya Kaynova fell in love with the amazing craft of wedding dresses creation, when she first saw the complete process of wedding dress birth. Since then she had a huge and beautiful dream in her life to become a designer. She was studying different technics and peculiarities of sewing, decoration and materials matching. After a while, due to laborious work, persistence and attention to detail brides started to address Natalya Kaynova personally. They wanted a wedding dress created by her.

In 2016 the brand name ‘Kaya Nova’ was born, when a home studio turned into a clothing factory creating wedding and evening dresses. Year by year, as the company had been improving its sewing technology, polishing its extraordinary style, improving personnel qualification, expanding manufacturing, the company gradually turned into the establishment we can see nowadays.

A sketch is the first strike in the process of wedding gown creation.

Every wedding dress created by Kaya Nova designer is a dress of a modern bride who is looking for something more than just a gown for one day. That’s why it should be comfortable, stylish and special as well as reflect bride’s individuality, of course.

At the moment Kaya Nova includes 100 professionals who are working in the creation process of amazing wedding dresses. Company’s representatives are scattered all round the world: Europe, Great Britain, the USA, Australia, Norway, Israel, Saudi Arabia. Participation in international exhibitions and shows provides us with the opportunity to develop and get acquainted with you personally!

The factory includes all stages of manufacturing, from the idea birth to its implementation in life.

Our dresses are made of natural fabrics and materials, it increases their comfort and quality.
All dresses are decorated with hand embroidery.

We also provide quality control of every stage in the wedding dress creation process.
Going back to the origins and recollecting all the way passed we understand that it’s not only enterprise history. It’s a successful story, which tells us about the way dreams come true.
If your bride needs a custom-made dress, our dressmakers can gladly tailor the dresses to your own measurements. All you need to do is fill  this form and take a few photos of the bride, so we can better understand your needs. Send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.