Questions from the salon
How long does it take to complete and deliver the order?

Time of manufacturing of the new collection is 12-14 weeks. All the other take up to 4 weeks. We also have dresses which can be completed just in one week (contact manager). Delivery takes from 2 to 2 weeks (varies from country to country).

How often do you launch a new collection?

Kaya Nova presents a new collection every quarter. Besides new collection launching we often develop new models depending on requests from our partners.

Do you have catalogues?

Yes, we provide e-catalogue and send a printed copy along with the order.

Is it possible to introduce changes to Kaya Nova dresses taking into consideration bride’s peculiarities?

Yes, you have an opportunity to order Kaya Nova dress taking into account individual peculiarities (add/remove tail, add/remove/ change sleeves). Moreover, you can order our dress made with bride’s individual measuring! Clarify the price including changes introduced with the manager.

Where can I get more information on how to become a Kaya Nova representative?

Please, fill in the registration form on our site.

Questions from brides
Where can I buy Kaya Nova dress?

You can find information about our representatives in section "Where to buy". You can also contact us and we will help you to find our partners.

If there is no official Kaya Nova representative, what can I do?

Kaya Nova company constantly increases the number of representatives in different countries. Contact us and we will help you to buy the dress of your dream.

Do you have dresses for voluptuous brides (plus size)?

Sure, we make dresses up to 20th size. In order to feel comfortable and confident on your wedding day you can order tailor made dress.

Who should come with me to the dress fitting?

We advise you to come with the closest people, whose opinion you appreciate. Call our representative in advance and clarify the number of people you are able to invite.

Can you create a dress designed by me? / or/ Can I order a dress which is not available in your ready-made collections?

We can introduce changes to our models as well as create a dress for you. You can discuss all possible changes with our representative.

Can I order Kaya Nova dress via internet?

Some of our authorized representatives sell dresses via internet. Please, make sure you order Kaya Nova dress from an authorized outlet. In a case you hesitate or have questions, feel free to contact us, we are eager to help you to make order from our representative.

What price range are your dresses in? Where can I see the prices?

You can get information about the prices from our representatives. Contact them and they will answer all your questions with pleasure.

10 advantages of working with the company KAYA NOVA
  1. Kaya Nova offers original and exclusive designer works.
  2. Kaya Nova is a young company, which moves simultaneously with the rhythm of wedding fashion!
  3. Very important and the main criterion for Kaya Nova is brides’ satisfaction who work with our partners.
  4. Kaya Nova offers its partners a wide price range.
  5. We have models which can be created in one week, it means that our partner can get a dress in two weeks since the moment of order.
  6. We take orders from our partners with individual sizes provided by brides. For more information, contact our manager.
  7. Kaya Nova is ready to introduce minor changes into dresses so that our partners can satisfy their customers. Agree on in details with your manager.
  8. Kaya Nova selects satin of the best quality and organza, natural silk, tender chantilly lace for its collections. Our collections are decorated with crystals, beads and pearls. All the décor details are only handmade.
  9. We provide our partners with printed and e-catalogues, access to photo materials, print banners. Our partners’ contacts are displayed on the website. We also provide support for local exhibitions performance.
  10. Kaya Nova offers different ways of payment and delivery. Discount systems are also available.