Article04 June, 2022
Wedding trends 2022: holiday style

Recalling the wedding trends of the last 5 years, the style of modern weddings has changed dramatically. There is no specific style today. Retro, rock, biker wedding or princess style wedding are a thing of the past.

Wedding trends 2022 in style are aimed at individuality, romance and the spirit of the holiday. Therefore, a popular wedding trend is the boho style, which is ideal for chamber and outdoor micro-weddings.

Also in the wedding trends of 2022 burst eco-style, which provides minimal use of plastic at the wedding, artificial decor, etc. For example, cut fresh flowers are replaced by potted plants or dried grasses or tree branches, minimize the movement of guests to avoid using vehicles whose gases are harmful to the environment, treat guests to dishes from organic products.

Charity is a new wedding trend in 2022 More and more young couples are practicing charity at their wedding. Refusing gifts and flowers, the newlyweds offer guests to make a monetary donation to charity. This could be helping young children in need of treatment, helping animals or contributing to the environment.

If the guests at the wedding are mostly young people, you can arrange a stylish 2022 outdoor wedding party. The location of the lake, the backyard of a country house with a swimming pool or the beautiful open area of ​​the hotel complex is ideal for the holiday.

To make the guests not only comfortable, but also interesting at the wedding of 2022, be sure to think about the script and do not forget about the interactive competitions. Interactive wedding is another trend of 2022. You can entertain and surprise the guests at the wedding with quizzes, contests, performances by an illusionist or dancer, the main thing is that all this does not look vulgar and inappropriate.