Article19 April, 2022
The main wedding trends of the spring-summer 2022 season

The summer wedding season is approaching, which, despite the pandemic, is set to take place. Wedding collections of the spring-summer 2022 season demonstrate the versatility of wedding fashion and show that, regardless of your style, you will definitely be able to find an image in which you want to say the coveted "Yes". Kaya Nova Wedding has collected 6 main wedding fashion trends that future brides should know about now.

Floral motifs

World designers have identified the main trend of wedding dresses in 2022, giving preference to floral motifs. They appear in small 3D flowers, three-dimensional applications decorated with beadwork, in sequined bends of twigs and leaves, in patterns of delicate lace and hyperbolized accent flowers-brooches. This dress decor is perfect for a summer holiday in the bosom of nature.


Simple dresses are perfect for brides who are used to living in the rhythm of a big city. The simplicity of the outfit, complemented by laconic accessories, is able to create a "pure" image that fits into the urban concept of celebration. It is important to note that minimalism is both a royal dress like Megan Markle's for the ceremony and a slip dress like Gailey Bieber's at a wedding banquet. Variants and visions of the innocence of the bride's image are different, but always relevant.


Designers see a "hot" undertone in a beautiful bare shoulder. Femininity, sexuality, romance - it's all about asymmetry. These dresses are memorable and visually different from all other outfits with different necklines. And asymmetry on one shoulder is an ideal option for brides who need to adjust the proportions of the figure.

Visible corset base

If in the time of Elizabeth I whale mustaches were sewn into corsets of dresses, which kept their shape perfectly and made the curves of the body natural, now designers are exhibiting beads and bones of corsets. Translucent fabrics and thin strips make the images of brides boudoir and seductive. Open corsets are great in combination with a mermaid skirt and A-line skirts. You should choose corsets with appliques or embroidery to be in trend.

Volume sleeves

Volume sleeves, as if filled with air, have become one of the main trends of the wedding season spring-summer 2022. Designers began to decorate them with both lush "royal" dresses and images that mimic the silhouette of the bride.


Among the most fashionable wedding dresses of the new season - images with capes, which are a hybrid of veils and capes. Most brands abandon the traditional veil in favor of unusual banners.