New13 May, 2020
4 hottest wedding fashion trends

Global brands present their new collections and it's time to meet the trends of the 2020/2021 season

Multi-layerd Skirts

Wedding dresses with magnificent skirts wich have dozens delicate tulle layers, reminiscent of royal ball gowns, will decorate fragile figures of brides next fall.


Designers continue experimenting with a wedding veil, offering all kinds of alternatives. Next summer, capes are gaining popularity - a hybrid of veils and wedding wraps.

Lace patterns

Many brands in the new season built their wedding collections using delicate lace, delicate embroidery and floral applications. Luxurious floral patterns adorned a romantic silhouette dress - Carmela from the Classic collection

Bold neckline

The fragility of the female figure, graceful collarbones and a seductive neckline never left anyone pococurante. So, brands in the new season with the help of deep V-shaped cuts show their love for women.