New25 July, 2019
Designers of wedding dresses often use 5 the most popular fabrics

Designers of wedding dresses often use  5 the most popular fabrics. Each fabric is special and has its advantages. Satin has a noble shine, the chiffon is better suited for drape, lace looks extremely elegant, and the tulle adds glamor and weightlessness to the image. Let's get acquaint with them!

1. Satin:

Wedding dresses which made of satin have remained in the trend for decades. The fabric keeps the shape well and the glamorous glint is fascinating.

2. Chiffon:

Chiffon has a soft and pastel structure that gives the dresses a refined look and appeal. Chiffon wedding dresses are perfectly combined with embroidery and lace, and the structure of the fabric helps to create the perfect fall on the skirts.

3. Silk:

One of the latest trends in wedding fabrics is silk. If you are looking for ease and classical elegance, silk wedding dresses are for you. Silk perfectly combines with embroidery.

4. Tulle:

Multilayer wedding dresses look flawless, especially when they are designed with a tulle. Its texture is very soft.Tulle is  light and delicate fabric .


Wedding dresses which made of lace add an incredible sophistication and elegance. Used as a consignment fabric, or to underscore the area of the decollete, sleeves, or hemline.