Dress of month21 June, 2019
In the midst of hot summer, it's time to talk about a wedding on the beach

In the midst of hot summer, it's time to talk about a wedding on the beach. One of the most important questions to the brides is : How to choose the dress?

The wedding on the beach is somewhat different from that we can see in a church or in the lobby ceremony, so today we will talk about what you should pay attention to when you choose a wedding dress for the ceremony on the beach.

First of all, choose the silhouette of the dress that is best suited for your figure type, chat with the budget and of course do not forget your childhood dreams!

You can choose any outfit that you like: incredible dresses with trains, sexy strapless dresses or mermaid silhouette dresses. The basic principle is comfort: you should feel comfortable and  move easily in your outfit. Therefore, if you are wearing a dress with train, try to choose the shortest one.

Weightless dresses in the bohemian style will fit perfectly to the venue. Their ease and femininity turn the bride into a real princess!

Also, pay attention to fabric cloths: pay attention to light fabrics such as chiffon and silk.

If you talk about the upper part of the dresses for the ceremony in the open area, the best selections will be V-neck dresses, without straps or with thin straps in combination with weighty skirts, they create a super elegant and light outfit.

You will look no less gracefully and attractive if you choose a short dress with a deep decollete, or a set of two parts, which is now at the top of popularity.