New08 April, 2019
What will we see on every spring wedding of 2019?

Let's start with dresses: this spring asymmetrical dresses and crop top dresses are so in style. So, if you want to be trendy, pay attention to the crop top dress Alisson.

As for shoes, there are more and more alternatives to white, nude and pink. For example: pastel purple, light blue or salmon.

About decor, it is worth noting velvet - it will be everywhere: starting with wedding invitations and the bow tie, ending with a photozone curtain and the groom's suit! This is one of the best materials to create a warm and cozy atmosphere at the wedding.

Expect to see a lot of pampas grass. There may be lots of it, or small separate parts. This is one of the best ways to decorate the banquet hall or the way to the altar.


Basically, all wedding decor elements and even venues will become more minimalistic. Weddings will look more personalized and natural.