New22 February, 2019
Preparing for a spring wedding

The time when nature wakes up, when people lose their heads and commit unpredictable acts, somehow associates with the wedding.

Spring is the undeniable queen of love, the season of fresh flowers and sunlight, and also the season of unpredictable rains. When planning a spring wedding, do not forget about that detail and consider the venue so your wedding won’t be ruined. Romantic umbrella will be very useful for the bride, especially during the photo shoot.

As already mentioned above, spring is the season of flowers! Fresh flowers can be used not only for bouquets and boutonnieres, but also for a haircut! By the way, pay attention to the peonies - these flowers are most popular in spring. 

If you want to be in perfect tandem with the season of the year, choose dresses with flower lace, delicate 3D flower appliques and soft tulle skirts. For example, we recommend the dress Chloe from the collection Pour un instant. 

Spring is a very changeable season, so to protect the bride from the cold wind think about thin cardigan or an elegant cape.

We wish you an unforgettable wedding!