New01 July, 2018
The main summer wedding trends

Sometimes after a lot of presentations and shows it seems that the world of wedding fashion is ready to burst like a bubble. What should we expect from spring-summer 2019 season? We will help you not to lose your head in the variety of beauty, drapery, tulle and flower motives. Let's talk about several trends that are impossible to pass by. After all, they are so interesting and impressive that they deserve your attention.

One, two (or three) dresses.

Quite a few brides think through different looks for the official ceremony, wedding party and photo shoot. There is definitely no sense in buying several full-fledged wedding dresses, because there are so many different variants of transformer dresses! You should think about it. Removable sleeves, basques, extra skirts and trains. This will allow you to create several looks for less money.

Can we have a bridal jumpsuit please.

We have seen various wedding jumpsuits for several seasons, but this trend has incredibly soared since last spring. Elegant, minimalistic fitted pantsuits or wide trousers, lace basques, volumetric decor. What will you choose? Such jumpsuits can look very different, but always unusual and irresistible.

For someone who is sure about her taste.

There are cases when white color is useless. In the case of a wedding dress, it is not about second attempt or another symbolism. The location, your style and wedding style can be better combined with any other color, but not white. The latest collections of world designers give many possibilities (which was not possible to do before). What do you think about clouds color tulle, lilac and powdery linings, cherry red, saffron and beige colors? Bright embroidery, accents, inserts. After seeing all the variety there is something to think about and decide whether you are ready to wear such a wedding dress or not.

Skip the veil.

Sheer capes and mantles, decorated with lace or embroidered crystals, are very popular this season. By choosing a dress like this, you will be able to create an aristocratic, royal look. That is why you won’t need a veil or even jewelry.

The minimalist bride.

Perhaps, in response to the trend with several wedding dresses, simple dresses are like a breath of fresh air. Brides who have difficulties in choosing one dress among huge assortment or prefer a simple look will appreciate minimalist dresses.

Something old, something new, something sexy. 

The trend of "street lingerie", that we quite often see in clothes, is now entrenched in wedding fashion. Brides who are not afraid to experiment will like "bare" dresses, lace corsets with unusual lines, sheer details.

Return to the classics.

For some brides the perfect wedding dress is a timeless classic. Strapless dress, with high waistline, multilayered puffy ball gown tulle skirt and minimal details, this is a typical wedding dress silhouette. Indeed, it will always remain relevant!