Article01 June, 2018
Choosing a wedding dress for pregnant bride

If the wedding ceremony falls on such a beautiful and delicate period in the life of a woman as the maternity, the choice of a dress has its own peculiarities. In this situation brides are divided into two categories: those who want to hide the changes of their body and those who will look for a dress that will help to emphasize the roundness of the belly. But the main criterion should be the convenience of the chosen dress.

A common opinion is that pregnant brides should wear A-line wedding dresses, with a high waistline. Indeed, those gowns will fit very well and there is a huge selection of such dresses. However, that is not all. In fact, in any case do not forget about mermaid silhouette. If you choose a clinging, non-corset dress made of stretch fabrics, it will perfectly emphasize the figure and won’t hinder the movements. Light dresses in Greek style will look gentle and elegant. You can also pay attention to trouser wedding suit. Unusually, stylish and very comfortable.

Better sooner than later.

Many brides procrastinating fitting and choosing the dress to the last. But very often the wedding dress requires a special approach. This is why do not put it off. The more time you have for the dress fitting, to change the details of the model, the better. Be sure to explain this to the bride. Do not forget about clarifying details related to the gestational age of the bride (for example, it is worth considering that from the second trimester the growth of the abdomen is about 1-1.5 cm every week). By the way, wedding dresses with lacing is an excellent solution of a problem with the premature dress order. An excellent option if you have the opportunity to order a particular style of dress in advance but fit the exact sizes two weeks before the ceremony.

Special aspects of choice.

Do not forget about accessories. Depending on the chosen dress decor, harmoniously combine it with accessories. If the gown is simple, without excessive glitter prefer large original accessories. If the dress decor is rich and unusual, accessories should emphasize them.

The length of the dress.

Usually, the length of the wedding dress is adjusted to the bride's shoes. Pregnant women often choose a low steady heel or flat shoes. But in this case the dress should not be too long or too short. Keep 0.5 - 1.5 cm off the floor.

Comfort above all.

Regardless of the chosen style, silhouette, decor, it is very important to pay attention to the comfort of the wedding dress. It should be suitable for the season, because there is nothing worse than a hot dress. Length and style are also important (for example, it won’t be superfluous to add straps to a wedding dress with an open top). We advise you to offer brides wedding dresses made of natural fabrics.