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New01 June, 2018
Presentation of new collections from designer Kaya Nova at the Interbride exhibiton 2018
An incredible wedding and evening fashion event Interbride 2018 was held in Dusseldorf (Germany) on May 5-8. The Interbride Fair 2018 gathered more than 200 manufacturers to acquaint you with novelties and latest trends in the wedding industry. We were happy to present our latest designer wedding c...
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Article01 June, 2018
Choosing a wedding dress for pregnant bride
If the wedding ceremony falls on such a beautiful and delicate period in the life of a woman as the maternity, the choice of a dress has its own peculiarities. In this situation brides are divided into two categories: those who want to hide the changes of their body and those who will look for a dre...
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New20 March, 2018
TOP 5 lace dresses from designer Kaya Nova
Regardless of trends, silhouettes, stylistics and other factors that can be important when choosing a wedding dress, lace outfits do not lose relevance. Being one of the main fabrics for making and decorating wedding dresses, lace can make a traditional wedding dress very unusual. We have chosen our...
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New22 March, 2018
New collection of evening dresses Midnight is available for order
We present you a wonderful collection of evening dresses Midnight from the company Kaya Nova. Traditional luxury, elegant, long dresses never lose its relevance. Especially if they are made of delicate lace fabrics, with unforgettable decorations and hand embroidery. Here you will find airy and pl...
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Article20 March, 2018
Choosing the perfect veil for a wedding dress
There are no specific rules for choosing a veil for a particular silhouette or dress (someone will say “unfortunately”, and someone will sigh with relief :). Nevertheless, we made a few recommendations that can help the bride to determine with a certain style of veil, or find the perfect one for the...
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