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New25 July, 2019
Designers of wedding dresses often use 5 the most popular fabrics
Designers of wedding dresses often use  5 the most popular fabrics. Each fabric is special and has its advantages. Satin has a noble shine, the chiffon is better suited for drape, lace looks extremely elegant, and the tulle adds glamor and weightlessness to the image. Let's get acquaint with them! ...
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Dress of month01 July, 2019
The dress of the month:Ellie
An incredible combination of lace chantilly with a matte lace! The dress is worth of applause, because it will hold your breath. Elegant, delicate and sophisticated – “Ellie” - the dress of the month! The highlight of the dress is an unusual décolleté. Lace sleeves and a train of 50 cm compl...
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Dress of month31 May, 2019
The dress of the month:Heather
The incredible dress Heather! This month the dress has the title of the best one. At the base of the dress is a delicate chantilly lace, which is complemented with beads and romantic buttons on the back. A tail of 50 cm adds a special charm . The dress is created for brides who appreciate every d...
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Dress of month21 June, 2019
In the midst of hot summer, it's time to talk about a wedding on the beach
In the midst of hot summer, it's time to talk about a wedding on the beach. One of the most important questions to the brides is : How to choose the dress? The wedding on the beach is somewhat different from that we can see in a church or in the lobby ceremony, so today we will talk about what you ...
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New08 April, 2019
What will we see on every spring wedding of 2019?
// Let's start with dresses: this spring asymmetrical dresses and crop top dresses are so in style. So, if you want to be trendy, pay attention to the crop top dress Alisson. As for shoes, there are more and more alternatives to white, nude and pink. For example: pastel purple, light bl...
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