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Dress of month01 March, 2020
The dress of the month - Audrey!
Delicate beauty, elegant as a Queen, weightless as a feather... Audrey - the dress that captured your hearts and becomes the star of the month in March. This dress is made entirely of high-quality tulle. The bodice is based on a corset with a deep neckline. Audrey is completely decorated with han...
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New23 February, 2020
What dresses do modern brides choose?
What bride doesn't try to be the most beautiful and the most feminine in her special day? The main focus of the image is still the dress.While looking for the perfect dress the brides are ready to visit all the local salons and boutiques just to find "that perfect dress". So what kind of dresses mus...
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Dress of month05 January, 2020
The dress of the Month - Pink Mist!
Incredible, delicate Pink Mist evening gown, which seems to float in the air and emphasize the best feminine features: beauty, attractiveness, charm, tenderness. Chiffon dress of nude color is like transformer.The dress is made of bodice and skirt to the floor. Pink Mist is the star of the first ...
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Dress of month02 February, 2020
Dress of the month - Magda
For gentle and daring brides, no one can resist the dress Magda from Plus Size Collection - Blooming Beautiful! Trend! Sexy! A magnificent mermaid silhouette dress, the base of which is in unrivaled crepe and lace. The highlight of the dress is the embroidery with pearls, which adds an image of so...
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New11 December, 2019
TOP 5 BOHO Wedding Dresses by KAYA NOVA
Boho style is laidback and comfortable. That's why more and more brides of 2020 and 2021 pay their attention at Boho style wedding dress. Designers of the Kaya Nova brand have recently present their new collection "Summer Vibes", which is based on this style. We offer you to have a look at...
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