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Dress of month28 February, 2021
We are happy to introduce Jill wedding gown of the month.
Incredible wedding dress with a detachable corset without a strap. This top has already become not only fashionable but also loved by all. The corset with detachable cups is decorated with guipure with sequins. The skirt is made of translucent fabrics with an open cut in the center. Mesh ski...
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Dress of month01 February, 2021
Dress of the month Malia
Notes of coquetry and romance are successfully combined in a bold and luxurious model - the unsurpassed evening dress Malia. Malia is a long floor-length evening dress made of sky blue tulle. Just look at this image - here every detail is in place. The airy skirt in tulle ruffles creates the ef...
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Dress of month02 September, 2020
Dress of the month - Constanza!
This is so luxurious, everything is just perfect! Dress of the month - Constanza! A graceful corset that successfully emphasizes every line of a woman's silhouette. Decorating with crystals and stones takes us to the era of royal charm and the life of court ladies. The scattering of delicate fl...
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Dress of month02 November, 2020
Libarty - dress of the month
The dress + size that won the hearts of brides, delicate and elegant beauty - Libarty. Libarty is made only of ultra-soft fabrics, so it is not only beautiful, but also incredibly comfortable. This dress combines all the favorite details: a-silhouette, small floral lace, which stretches from t...
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New18 August, 2020
Provence - a new trend in wedding fashion
A wedding dress in the style of "Provence" is chosen by people in love with the elegance and charm of France. Despite the fact that the style of Provence has long been considered provincial, it is he who combined the nobility, charm and freedom of court ladies. In terms of stylists, this dr...
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