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Dress of month01 September, 2021
Dress of the month - Soledad!
Charming and romantic - this dress is amazing! Wedding dress has mermaid silhouette. A scattering of delicate flowers abundantly covers the all dress. Half transparent top with cutting cups favorably emphasize the figure of the bride. The waist is decorated with luxurious applique. The basis ...
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Dress of month31 July, 2021
Georgia - dress of the month!
Incredible Georgia dress with a deep neckline in front. The dress is made in an elegantly restrained style. The particularity of this dress is added by the draping of soft tulle, which begins at the neckline and ends at the back near the lock, forming a three-dimensional sleeves-cape. The fabr...
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Dress of month08 July, 2021
Zafiro dress of the month!
This dress is the most tender! She deservedly took a place in your hearts and became the star of this month - Zafiro wedding dress. The dress embodies all the latest trends in wedding fashion 2021: a strapless bodice based on a corset with cut-in cups, as well as an air skirt made of weightless ...
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New22 July, 2021
European Bridal Week 2021 - how it was!
Recently, the brand Kaya Nova Wedding became a participant in a large-scale exhibition of wedding fashion European Bridal Week 2021. All such events, as always, are held on a very positive note. Among the visitors are both new faces, with whom it was frankly pleasant to meet and start a joint busine...
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Dress of month06 June, 2021
Diana dress of the month!
Sensual and elegant wedding dress Diana. Silhouette dress with a trendy square neckline and a deep neckline on the back. The top of the dress is made of delicate chantelly lace, the pattern successfully descends on the figure and ends at the bottom of the skirt. Diana dress will advantageous...
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